• GBPUSD : 1.23975
  • EURJPY : 117.359
  • GBPCHF : 1.19718
  • GBPCAD : 1.75966
  • GBPAUD : 2.04008
  • EURGBP : 0.88397
  • AUDUSD : 0.60753
  • USDCHF : 0.96563
  • HK50 : 22754.9
  • EURNZD : 1.85176
  • AUDJPY : 65.052
  • NZDUSD : 0.59175
  • EURCAD : 1.55576
  • CADJPY : 75.423
  • EURUSD : 1.09610
  • EURAUD : 1.80371
  • GER30 : 9345.6
  • SPX500 : 2463.05
  • EURCHF : 1.05849
  • USDJPY : 107.064
  • NAS100 : 7472.45
  • GBPNZD : 2.09439
  • XAGUSD : 13.930
  • AUDCAD : 0.86235
  • GBPJPY : 132.742
  • US30 : 20895.5
  • JPN225 : 17602.1
  • FRA40 : 3922.36
  • USDCAD : 1.41924
  • AUDNZD : 1.02647
  • UK100 : 5355.15
  • NZDCAD : 0.83994
  • USOIL : 22.347
  • AUS200 : 4717.87
  • USDCNH : 6.42822

Company Registration Number: 00029659

Goldwell Capital Co., Ltd. (“Goldwell”) is a leading broker engaged in derivatives trading and provides derivative products, including foreign exchange, precious metals, crude oil etc., leading global online trading.

Professional customer service team of Goldwell provides extraordinary online service and the most comprehensive trading experience for 24 hours a day, 5 days per week. In addition, Goldwell has gathered numerous ingenious financial analysts to provide clients with market analysis and research from multiple perspectives, thus helping clients to establish an ideal trading strategy and seize the best investment opportunities.

Goldwell is unwaveringly committed to providing clients with a stable and reliable trading platform, allowing clients to operate in a trustworthy trading environment, maintaining long-term close cooperative relationship with clients, as well as endeavouring to become the world's top brokerage firm with the most superior products and services in the market.

Goldwell Capital Advantages

Rapid Development in Cambodia

Cambodia borders with Laos, Vietnam and Thailand in Southeast Asia. With its unique geographical advantages and under the influence of "Belt and Road" initiative, Cambodia has become the driving force of the Southeast Asian economic growth in recent years. Cambodian government recognised the importance of financial development; thus, numerous foreign investors have been attracted to set up base in Cambodia, bringing a new scene to the Southeast Asia.

Impeccable Government Regulation

In the early years, Cambodian government has foreseen rapid development of its financial industry. Therefore, the Cambodian government has reformed and is continuously polishing its financial regulatory system. Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia (SECC) was established to regulate the financial industry to provide comprehensive protection for investors.

MetaTrader 4 Trading Platform

Goldwell chose MetaTrader 4, one of the most popular trading platform, with Goldwell's excellent data center thus, clients are able to enjoy reliable and smooth trading experience. Besides, Clients can also choose from 23 types of foreign exchange products to suit their investment strategies and enjoy AI trading system.

Security of Client Capital

In order to ensure the security of client capital, Goldwell separates its operational capital and the accounts of the clients through strict policies and procedures. All client accounts are monitored by a rigorous security system, to provide comprehensive protection to clients' capital.

Top-notch Research & Development Team

Goldwell has gathered world-class financial experts to provide professional and in-depth fundamental and technical market analysis on various perspectives, thus, helping clients formulate more efficient investment strategies.

Superior Customer Service

The professional customer service team provides clients with 24-hour Account Opening, online consultation and price inquiry services. With professional, reliable, high quality and accurate trading information, clients are able to quickly seize the best investment opportunity and enhance the chance of obtaining high profits. To provide comprehensive protection to clients' capital.

Rapid Market Transaction Execution

Goldwell acquires quotes from various top global banks and financial institutions, which is efficient, transparent, timely and accurate. Automated execution process is free of any human factors, ensuring that the clients' trading orders can be executed immediately.